My main field of research is the ecology and conservation of animal species. 

I am particularly interested in understanding the effects of human impacts on different environments – terrestrial, coastal and marine. I have been using as model species a particularly threatened group of vertebrates that depend on these three ecosystems –  the seabirds.

My research has been mostly focused on animal movement, and how spatial ecology can be used as a tool to help addressing the major threats faced by animal species. On this subject, I am particularly interested in migratory and wide-range species, and on using animal tracking technology (e.g., GPS, GLS, Argos-PTT) to understand the interaction between animals and human activities, identify important areas for conservation (Key Biodiversity Areas) and increase our understanding of ecological connectivity.

Current projects:

Inspire4Nature: International training at the Science-Policy Interface for Researchers in Europe, for Nature:

Plastic connectivity: disentangling the problem of plastic pollution for pelagic seabirds

Global Ocean Biodiversity Initiative